How Does the Shipping from Dongguan to USA Works? (2024)

Any online business or those who have to deliver their goods and sources from one country to another are constantly out on a search for the best shipping ways they can find. If you are in the same boat, looking for means of shipping from Dongguan to USA, we have covered you!

Below, we have discussed all aspects you should know about shipping from Dongguan to USA,along with an easy fulfillment service that might make this job so much easier. Let’s dive into the article.

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Table of Content
  • Part 1. Ways of Shipping from Dongguan to the USA
  • Part 3. Shipping from Dongguan with a Fulfillment Center

Part 1. Ways of Shipping from Dongguan to the USA

There are several ways to ship from Dongguan to the USA. Some of the most common ones are mentioned below:


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There are several picks when it comes to shipping from Dongguan to USA. Usually, FedEx is the top choice in the express category because of its IP and IE services, which help cover different needs, and because it is excellent at timing control.

DHL is another excellent option because it is a cheaper option compared to other express couriers. However, its timing control is not as top-notch as FedEx. But if timing is not an issue for you and you won’t mind receiving your parcel a few days late, then this cheap option might work the best for you.

SF-Express is another great option. However, it is slightly new in the market. This express delivery provides coordinates with local distributors for final delivery by cooperating with UPS or other renowned couriers. However, the company’s primary focus is to ship to the FBA warehouses or other participating businesses on Amazon.

Air Freight

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People usually opt for air freight when they need to transport cargos that fit either of the two categories:

  • The cargo is of high-value.
  • They don’t want to wait for many days for it to reach the desired destination.

You can transport your cargo by Shipping from Dongguan to USAthrough air freight if and only if it weighs over 500kg. Any weight lower than this would not be a good decision to send through air because it will not be cost-effective.

Air freight is usually for urgent deliveries. However, whenever possible, it is also essential that you put in your bookings 10-15 days in advance so that you can ensure that your delivery falls within the desired period.

Sea Freight

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Sea freight refers to the movement of your cargo from China to the US. When opting to ship through this method, you, as a buyer, would have the flexibility to customize your shipment to meet your unique needs. The primary consideration should be your container load size and whether or not your shipment falls on the LCL – Less than the container load – or FCL – Full container load.

Part 2. Shipping Cost & Time from Dongguan to USA

Shipping from Dongguan to USAgenerally takes around 1-35 days, depending on the shipping method that you have chosen. According to the rule of thumb, an estimated time is 1-2 weeks for regular posts, around three days for posts sent through air express freight, 8-10 days for regular air freight, and 30-40 days if you have sent your cargo through ocean freight.

However, sea freight also offers premium services in case you want your goods to move faster. Hence, depending on the shipment requirements, expedited freight might be able to cut down on the overall transit time.

Moreover, the freight cost can be calculated based on the shipping method and the weight and volume of the goods that are being shipped. An average freight cost for the various can range from:

  • Air Express to the USA: $7.54 to $9.54 per kilogram
  • Air Freight to the USA: $3.40 to $15.50 per kilogram
  • Sea Freight to the USA: $1,200-$1,850 per container.

Part 3. Shipping from Dongguan with a Fulfillment Center

While the above methods for Shipping from Dongguan to USAare significant, we saved the best for the last. We are talking about NextSmartShip, of course! Finding the best 3PL software for small businesses is not easy, but this service has made operating in the market so much easier. Here is everything you should know about it.


NextSmartShipmakes it so much easier for you to manage your e-commerce business. The company’s primary goal is to ensure that they do all the challenging work or tasks for you so that you can focus on other aspects of your business. This 3PL software is perfect for businesses when it comes to packing and shipping, warehousing, and many other functions.
Get Custom Solutions


Need to source products from a different retailer before sending them off to a location? Well, leave it up to NextSmartShip to take care of the sourcing aspect without you having to worry about anything.

Packing Solution

Instead of having to worry about packing your business goods and then sending them off to the desired destination, we suggest you let NextSmartShip take care of it. NextSmartShip will look into your orders, pack them as required, and then send them off to the desired location without you having to worry about anything.

The Best Shipping Rate

Apart from excellent sourcing and packaging, NextSmartShip also offers its users the best rates in the market. The company understands that if there is one aspect any user would look into, it will be the price factor. Hence, it ensures that it offers the best shipping rate one can find in the market.

Wrapping It Up!

Shipping from Dongguan to USAis not complicated, and if you are in search of the best means of doing so, then we hope this article was helpful for you. While all the ways mentioned above are great, as a small business, we suggest you avail yourself of the exceptional services of NextSmartShip for sure.

How Does the Shipping from Dongguan to USA Works? (2024)


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