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atmas 8 SUN- TUESDAY, DEC. 12, 1944 Washington Girl to Wed Latrobe Marine Officer Patricia Piet R. AND MRS. PHILIP M. GARNETT OF Garnett, gagement Washington, to of Lt.

D. their John S. have daughter, Shallenberger, announced Marian the USMCR, Alice enson of Mrs. Ira Shallenberger, Latrobe, and the late Mr. Shallenberger.

Marian attended William and Mary College and George Washington University and belongs to Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority. Lt. Shallenberger was graduated from Hill School and Stanford University. At the outbreak of the war he was studying at the University of Munich. He later took his Master's degree at Harvard Business School.

He is a member of Phi Delta Theta and Tau Beta Phi fraternities. The wedding will be in January. Maxada Party Parents and friends have been invited to attend a musical pantomime, "The Story of the First Christmas," given by the students of Maxada Woodlands at the school at 7:15 o'clock Sunday evening. Cyrilla J. Mansmann.

headmistress, is in charge. The annual Christmas party for the students will be held at the school, from 3 to 5, on Friday afternoon. December 22, after which the children will go to their homes for the Christmas holiday. Twentieth Century Club Choral Club members and the Boys' Choir of Calvary Episcopal Church will join in presenting Christmas program at the Twentieth Century Clubhouse Sunday evening for members and their husbands. Dr.

Harvey B. Gaul will direct the program and Mrs. Virginia Clingerman Byerly and Mrs. C. Chesley, pianists, will be accompanists.

Carols of many nations and some compositions by Dr. Gaul will be included in the program. Mrs. Frank R. Wheeler will have charge of stage settings and Robert Gill will read "A Christmas Legend." Daily Short Story: What Matters Jeanie hurried down the path toward their special park bench.

Spreading herself out possessively, so that no one would be tempted to linger in the secluded spot, she fluffed her auburn hair, pulled out a compact, applied a touch of lipstick to a mouth that needed nothing to enhance its charm, stared anxiously at the image that stared anxiously back. If only she didn't have to tell Ben quite yet! But in another two weeks, he'd be leaving the training center. These last two months had been so perfect. At the beginshe'd had some qualms of conscience over not being entirely frank. But if she had been, there wouldn't have been any perfect months.

"And that's the Jeanie told the mirror "If ever end justified the means, this does." The snapped shut, because compact, mirror-Jeanie was stupid enough to continue to look anxious, so the only thing was to get rid of her. This coming interview must be handled with high courage and assurance. Because, at first. Ben was going to balk. Tensely, Jeanie rehearsed that part of her life story that Ben was going to hear for the first time.

He knew that her father had died a year ago, and that Jeanie had come to this midwest city to take a war job. What he didn't know was that Jeanie Smith was really Jeanie Smith Darby. That name would have penetrated even to a Montana ranch. There was not the slightest doubt of the effect it would have on Ben. "He'd be running vet." Jeanie PTA Events This Week morrow." "Whats that got to do with us? WISHING WELL Registered U.

S. Patent Office. 10 8 00 2 3 00 2 0 A A 8 3 5 co 02 0400 A ho A 00 2 6 p- 5 he Do 00 21 0 loo 8 2 5 8 0 H' ERE is a pleasant little game that will give you a message every day. It is a numerical puzzle designed to spell out your fortune. Count the letters in your first name.

If the number of letters is 6 or more, subtract 4. If the number is less than 6. add 3. The result is your key number. Start at the upper hand corner of the rectangle and check every one of your key numbers, left to right.

Then read the message the letters under the checked figures give you. 12-12 Copyright 1944. by William J. Miller, Distributed by King Features, Parent-Teacher meetings listed for the week are: TODAY Washington-2 Pop "The Christmas fourth graders. Ward p.

Mt. Lebanon Methodist Speech Choir. p. Dr. Harry M.

Little to speak on "Some Behavior Problems and How to Solve Them." Fort p. Miss Irene McDermott to speak on "Nutritional Values;" music by school chorus. Belmar- Talk by Mrs. S. D.

Ewart on "The Miracle of Food." Snowden Township 6:30 p. Christmas program in high school building. Sunnyside-8 p. Girl Scout Troop No. 240 in puppet dramatization of "The Christmas Carol." D.

play and mute hy students. p. bazar and Chi nortv. TOMORROW HIP- Tale- p. Christmas play students, directed by Miss Edwina Grove; music by students, p.

Dr. Harry M. Little to speak. THURSDAY p. speaker, Miss Virginia Russell.

of Carnegie Library: "Christmas in Otter Lands: music. p. adaptation of "'The Birds' Christmas Carol." by students; Christmas story by parents and student chorus. p. Dr.

W. F. H. Wentzell to give illustrated talk on "The Other Wise Man." Morningside-8 p. Christmas party.

A. Leo Weil- p. the Rev. Dr. W.

W. Wiant to speak on "Builders for a Better To- 1944 a J. reflected gloomily. Being an heiress had the invariable effect of setting men running; the undesirables away from desirables toward you." and the It was the realization of this fact that had led Jeanie to escape to anonymity, With a war on, her news value was dimmed enough to make it possible. No one knew where she was but her attorney, who was a past-master at evasion.

ed the joy of making good on her For one whole year she had tastown, economically, and, now romantically. She was in love, gloriously in love, with one Corp. Holloway, ex-Montana cowboy. And he was gloriously in love with one plain Jeanie Smith, war worker. Well- -not too plain, Jeanie's brown eyes admitted.

Met at Canteen By MARIE DE NERVAUD "I don't give a damn for money." Money Above Love They had met at the canteen, and from the beginning, it had been a distant "Hi!" substituted a breathless actuality for a breathless memory. In the privacy of the screen of shrubbery behind them, and the miniature lake before them, Ben demonstrated how glad he was to see her, without the banality of words. "Ben-no darling- wait! I- I've got to tell you something. Quick, while my courage "Courage?" Ben straightened up his khaki six foot-two, his blue eyes gazing into her brown ones with puzzled uncertainty, "Why courage?" "Listen, Ben," Jeanie gulped. This wasn't the way she'd planned it at all! "There's nothing in the world so important as the fact that we love each other, is there?" "Not to us.

there Ben grinned. "Maybe somebody else I'm not being Jeanie implored. "What matters is that we love each other, isn't it? Nothing else really matters?" "Hey, what you been up to?" Ben demanded. "Robbing a bank?" "There's something I should have told you." She snuggled close in his arms SO that he couldn't look at her, and took the plunge. "I was afraid." she ended, "that if you knew, you wouldn't then.

she stopped, because Ben's arms weren't holding her close any more. They had her at arms length, and the fierce pride and pain in his eyes made her cry out in desperate protest. "Ben! Don't look so tragic! It isn't going to make any difference-" "It's going to make all the difference." Ben's voice was as hard and set as his face. "I'm not marrying any dude heiress. And you're not marrying any cowboy with a two-by-four spread, even if you're loco enough to think you want to." He dropped her arms, and suddenly the foot of bench between them was a whole wide world.

Though Jeanie had been prepared for Ben's balking, she hadn't been prepared for that "dude heiress." Anger flared in her and blazed out with, "I didn't know you were so His hand shot out and held her AS she sprang to here feet. -conscious!" he echoed. "Oh, yes, you do! Money matters more to you than love! If you had known I was Jeanie Darby you'd never have seen me again." "You're darn right I wouldn't," Ben began. why not? Not you didn't love me. But because I was rich.

And you'd have been proud of it! You're proud of yourself this "I am not!" Ben shouted. "It's because I know it wouldn't work. I've seen it tried. I've a marriage- Balance in Postwar Period Urged by Myers By MRS. CHARLES M.

BREGG Introducing William Starr Myers, of Princeton, yesterday morning, Mrs. Twentieth Century with the accent on been coming to the and three times, to U. Grant Miller, lecture chairman of the Club, referred to him as "Old Faithful, the faithful." For 25 years Mr. Myers has Twentieth Century, in some seasons two talk about current events. Yesterday he talked on "Prospects at Home and sketching a background for his address as far back as Munich.

not military service, for young Advocating military training, but men, Mr. Myers pointed out that Germany, with thousands, has been able to overthrow France with her millions in uniform. Hitler's mediocre side. he observed. comes out in his statesmanship, Several times in his talk, Mr.

Myers emphasized the present and postwar need for Americans to keep their balance, to use sound common sense and to criticize constructively. The problem of both major parties is to find a common basis, he said, as he urged his audience to keep in touch with their Congressmen and Senators and to express opinions on what is done by them. Cello solos by Miss Jean Wessner, accompanied by Miss Alberta Yeaglin, and readings from Van Dyke's "The Other Wise Man," by Dr. W. F.

H. Wentzell, will make up the program 1 for today's meeting of the Oakmont Woman's Club. A prize is offered for the most attractively wrapped gift package. Christmas Party Beginning with dinner at the North Side Community Center, the Wilkinsburg Business and Professional Women's Club will concludes its Christmas party this evening by attending the Christmas Sky Show and the Army Air Power Show at the Buhl Planetarium. At the home of the club president.

Mrs. Pickering, of Orchard Avenue, Bellevue, the Monnett of Ohio Wesleyan University will have its Christmas party tonight at 6:30. Leland Stowe's book, "They Shall Not Sleep," will be reviewed by Mrs. Lucien L. Leape.

The Woman's Club of Ben Avon will present its Christmas I program this afternoon in the Ben Avon United Presbyterian Church. After the program, a play, "A Guest at the Inn," will be produced by club members. Beef Ring Solves Meat Problem Tough cuts of meat can By PRUDENCE PENNY cup milk. transformed into tender meat dishes if the cook knows the secrets of meat cookery. Much of the beef in the markets today is lean and unless it is cooked properly, it is tough.

When cooking time is limited the simplest way to prepare this type of meat is to grind it and prepare it accordingly. Whether you buy lamb, veal or pork, if you have it ground, it'll be right to serve any time and without strain on the family budget. Dress up your next ground Women Nearly Double Bond Sales Goal Sun-Telegraph Photo. "Wendy." Mrs. Lynn A.

Smith committee of Ellis School mothers party which will be held from Thursday afternoon in the school Santa Claus will attend. Allegheny County women nearly doubled their $1,000,000 goal set for Women's Day last Friday and in spite of rainy weather. 81 of the 131 organizations working that day reported sales of 040, according to Mrs. Gwilym A. Price, director of the women's division for the county.

Two thousand workers were on the streets and in the bond booths of the county from 10. a. m. to 5 p. m.

that addition 70 well-known Pittsburgh women gave their time as hostesses at seven downtown store bond booths. The Tenth regiment band of the Pennsylvania State Guard presented brief programs at downtown street intersections. AWVS members took pledges. Women's Day was held in connection with the Army Air Show at the County Airport sponsored by the Air Transport Command. Mrs.

Ernest Hillman, Awvs bond chairman for the county, brought in $900.000 of "paid" receipts for bonds sold by her workers. Mrs. Francis Tarnapowicz reported that her Nationality Groups sold $600,000 of bonds on Women's Day. Cup Cakes LIGHT AS A A FEATHER Simple to add water or milk--nothing more. Jov CAKE VANILLA: CHOCOLATE MIXES ORANGE LEMON NON SEE WALLPAPERS A CLEANER of Kinsman their pet dog, for the Ellis heads the afternoon arranging the will be among 3 to 5 on pictured here with gymnasium.

Pique Weskit Makes Grand Xmas Gesture By DOROTHY RANDALL Don't you agree with us that a snow-white pique weskit with a big lace froth will make a darling Christmas gesture for a girl who takes her grooming seriously? We thought you would! It's washable- happy thought -being of good cotton pique, and big quarter-size glass buttons fasten it down the front. The -neck has revers, and the short sleeves have cuffs, and both of them are edged in deep lace ruffling that continues down the front closing! For sheer wardrobe freshening, smartening, perking up, we give it a big hand. And so will the girl who gets it, come Christmas! Sizes 32 to 38. At $5.95. Baby Mittens We just stood there and muttered, "Oh, how cute!" These baby mittens are stubby little jobs of a fine cotton twill (or gabardine) edged with white bunny fur and strung on a cord to go around the baby's neck and keep them on.

Fleecy linings, and water-repellent. In pink or blue they're just about the dearest little paw-warmers we've ever seen. For wee children about 6 months to a year old. $1.00. Pre-Holiday Fixing The chances are you find your hair is going to be right at the bob-talled point just as Christmas arrives.

So let us tip you off to the news that you can have a cold wave now or anytime before Christmas EN for only $7.50. It does the typical soft, close-tothe-scalp curl that you all want these days, and, of course. it "takes" on lots of hair that is especially hard to wave. We just thought you'd appreciate know- ing! Floral Hankies and wide choice of colors. a Cift Certificates Such darling hankies, these soft squares are printed in flower garden colors and patterns.

The one we saw in particular was purple iris and African daisies their usual pinkish tone, but course there are gobs of others as well-all with white centers 25c. Lots of women yearn for the luxurious feeling that comes with 1 but course few of spend massage their treatments. Also, lots of women NEED such a course for figure-trimming, and yet they "just never get around to it." A gift certificate for a course of steam bath and Swedish massage treatments would make a marvelous gift for husband give his wife, or for daughter to give her mother. And this special course of them comes in a set of five for $11.25. Idea? We think so! DOROTHY RANDALLGRANT 6500 from 9 to 5 to find out where.

Send a stamped self- addressed envelope if you write. Town Club to Hold Christmas Party Members of the Town Club's social committee will serve as hostesses for the Christmas party to be held December 19 at the Congress of Clubs. Mrs. Jane Fisher Ginevan will be soloist. Students of the University of Pittsburgh Dental School have arranged an informal dance at the Hotel Schenley on Saturday evening.

C. L. Fortney is chairman, assisted by Lena Giannini, Marlin Gingrich and Ross Lang, Week Off REGULAR $15 EMPIRE The ultimate in fine permanenta. A heatless wave COLD WAVE $7.50 that gives you charming, brushable curls soft Complete and lustrous. Our Reg.

$5.00 Famous Our Reg. $7.50 VONETTE LADY FLORENCE $4.50 Wave Wave Our Reg. $6 Deluxe EMPIRE OIL WAVE, $5 CLAFFEY'S BEAUTY SHOPPES EAST LIBERTY-6012 Penn 9818 DOWNTOWN-(Reymer I Bldg.) 237 Fifth 7766 North Side, 111 E. Ohio CE 9383 wilkinsbers. 925 Wood 9228 Gartele, 5130 Penn 9464 Braddock, 865 Braddock 9824 Homestead, 808 Amity.

9288 E. Pittsburgh, 109 Electrie VA 9988 -Open A. M. to 9 P. -No Appointment Necessary, Miss Margaret Haydusko, daughter of Mr.

and Mrs. John Haydusko, of Carson Street, became the bride of Sgt. Andrew F. Mikula, son of Mr. and Mrs.

Andrew Mikula, of Jane Street, on October 10. Sgt. Mikula returned to the States after serving two and one-half years in the Aleutians. Mrs. Lee Van Voorhis Dauler, Road is on the mothers' committee School Christmas party Thursday and her daughter, Margaret, the student guests.

They are I'm the same person I was last night when we were planning how we'd go back to your ranch after the war, and work hard to develop it. Only I knew it wasn't going to be as hard as you thought, your money would make it easy." The bitterness in Ben's, tone cut Jeanie's heart, even while it anger burn brighter. "You don't believe in partnership, do you?" she flung out. "You want to be the whole show." "Jeanie!" With one stride Ben had her in his arms. "Would you give it up? Give away the whole blasted thing, and work with me from scratch?" For a long moment she looked back into his eyes, her mind waging battle with her heart.

It would be such an easy way out! "But not the right way!" she answered the temptation aloud. "Ben, you never knew Dad. He was a strong man who made his fortune the hard way, and tried to spend it wisely. He passed the stewardship of it on to me. I've always known I must go back to it.

I only wanted to be free long enough to find love for love's sake. I- Oh, Ben, I was so sure I'd found it! Aren't you big enough to swallow your pride, and take on that responsibility with me? I want to share your way of life "Sure, cushioned by the Darby Ben ended. "I knew you wouldn't give it "And I should have known that men were all alike," Jennie choked. "They're greedy, or proud, or stubborn, but love isn't what matters to them." She whirled away with a quick impulsive spring that brought her to the edge of the rocky bank of the artificial lake. For a tottering second she tried to catch her balance, then plunged headlong into the clustered lily pads below.

The sequence of events in the next few minutes was never quite clear in Jeanie's memory, There was a second splash that seemed an echo of hers, then Ben's arms were lifting her from the suffocating mess of lily pads, stems and slime, and he was climbing the rocky bank, holding her so close that she could hear the water squishing and dripping away from her soaked clothes. But, above all else, she was hearing Ben's voice, horrified, remorseful. Jeanie--you didn'tyou didn'tIndignation as his meaning penetrated brought Jeanie struggling away from him. "Of course, I didn't do it on purpose! My eyes were so blinded with crying I couldn't seeAnd my heart was so blinded with pride that I couldn't see." Ben said humbly. "You're right.

Love is what matters. Jeanie, will you marry on my furlough?" Jeanie's eyes, as she whispered, "Yes." were as radiant as the rest of her was bedraggled. But Ben only saw the eyes. (The End.) Dress Pattern 4913 SIZES 30-48 Pattern 4913 comes in sizes 30, 32. 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46, 48.

Size 36, yds. yd. contrast. Embroidery transfer inciuded. This pattern, together with a needlework pattern for personal or household decoration, TWENTY CENTS.

Send TWENTY CENTS in coins for these patterns to the Pittsburgh Sun-Telegraph, 140 Pattern 243 West 17th New York 11, N. Y. Print plainly SIZE, NAME, ADDRESS, STYLE NUMBER. 6 sliced bread, crusts removed. 2 tablespoons beef extract with 2 tablespoons water.

Mix salt, pepper and milk into meat. Spread raw meat onto bread slices, clear to edges, leaving it in ridges to retain beef extract. Using tablespoon, pour beef extract which has been mixed with wich. water Place over on top baking of each sheet sand- and broil 4 inches below heat unit about 6 to 10 minutes or until degree of doneness desired. Serve with pickles and olives.

Makes six open faced sandwiches. PANCAKES from this package are LIGHTER, TENDER MORE DELICIOUS JUNKET CAKE makes Waffles, Muffins, Jo Breads meat dishes in the following manners: Beef Ring 1 pound ground beef. cup bread crumbs. cup milk. 1 egg, beaten.

teaspoon salt. cup chopped green pepp 72 cup chopped onion. cup grated raw carrot. cup ketchup. Combine bread crumbs.

milk, egg and seasoning. green pepper, onions, carrots and ground beef and blend well. Place in an oiled 8-inch ring mold and bake 50 minutes in a 350 degree F. oven. Turn loaf out onto flat pan and spread with ketchup which has been diluted with 2 tablespoons water.

Place under broiler for 10 to 15 minutes. Serve on chop ring mold for garnish. plate with vesetable, in center of Regular loaf pan may be used. Makes six servings. Ground veal and pork are used in making the following mock chicken legs.

Chicken Legs pound ground 1 teaspoon salt. teaspoon pepper. 1 egg, mixed with 2 tablespoons milk. 2 cups crushed corn flakes. 6 wooden skewers.

2 tablespoons butter or margarine. Mix meat, salt, pepper together. Shape in form of chicken legs, using skewers as base. Dip in egg and milk mixture which has been slightly beaten. Roll in crushed corn flakes.

Brown slowly in butter or margarine, cover and bake one hour at 350 degrees F. Add water if necessary to keep from drying. Makes six servings. Supper Snacks pound ground beef. Salt, pepper.

Did You Know? Wilson's Milk is pure, whole cow's milk made double-rich by removing about half of the water content. As it pours from the can Wilson's can be used for every cream need. Add an equal WHOLE MILK amount of water and you have whole, pure milk. You'11 need extra cans of Wilson's for your holiday meals. Ask your grocer for those blue and white cans of evaporated milk it's WILSON'S Wilson's.

MILK veal. pork. smells good -but coffee's fooled me before Heyit's true! Boscul Coffee tastes as good as it smells No foolin'! There really is a coffee that tastes as good as that first wonderful aroma. It's Boscul Coffee and it's richer now than ever before. Those mountain -grown coffee beans that add extra flavor make the difference! Yes, Boscul Coffee tastes as good as it smells.


Pittsburgh Sun-Telegraph from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (2024)


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